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autumn is my favorite season

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9-29 not exactly amazing ...

walking the dog this morning in the chilly air was really great. i love autumn not just for the colorful change of leaves, but for the crisp air, clear stars, and excuse to enjoy spices of all kinds. i’ve been craving tea, so i stopped and picked up some decaffeinated chai along with some office snacks. somehow, i managed to assemble a breakfast out of my collection of supplies—a cup of citrus fruit that was on sale, a fiber granola bar, and the ever-present cheese (in this case, the cottage variety).

if there’s two things i’ve been really craving all pregnancy, it’s been cheese of any kind and fruit. no ice cream and pickles, no hot sauce and donuts, and no laundry detergent (thank goodness). i haven’t sent the hubby out at odd hours for things i simply had to eat. in fact, if anything, hubby has had to put up with the opposite when dinner rolls around and i fuss and whine over how i don’t know what i could possibly want to eat. i am constantly thankful that things could be worse, and i’m glad i haven’t been sick. i like food; it’d be hard for me to be sick and not be able to eat it at all. not wanting it sometimes is hard enough, but i think i’m slowly moving through that phase in the pregnancy.

i still can’t eat too much at a time, though i no longer have any difficulty clearing my plate. i just end up eating more often, and it’s a goal of mine to be careful about sticking to healthy snacks with only the occasional, worthwhile indulgent slip. so far, so good.

yes, that’s my work hidden underneath my hodge-podge of a breakfast. it’s the last of the furniture … for now. i know there’s more coming (when is there not?), but it’ll be good to have it out of the way so i can move on.

lastly, if you notice above this post, i updated my pregnancy ticker with my actual due date, only to suddenly realize i have less than 200 days to go! WOW!

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