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yes, that’s an avocado. thank you.

Monday, September 28, 2009

9-28, a little bit of everything

9-28, a little bit of everything

today’s lunch is kind of an odd combination of whatever i felt like snatching from the fridge. there’s pb&j with hopefully the last of our non-organic (i.e. high fructose corn syrup-containing) flax seed bread, a bit of tomato, half of an avocado that’s going bad, some pretzels, and a dipping sauce for the veggies that’s simply soy sauce and wasabi. it was a random lunch, to be sure, but it was still tasty. really, i could just eat avocado all the time. i love it. especially with a dab of soy and wasabi. it’s spicy, buttery perfection right there.

speaking of spicy food, we went out for mexican and i had some really awesome chille rellenos. they were spicy and delicious, but apparently someone tiny living in my uterus wasn’t as keen on them as i was. i felt a bit more fluttering than i expected, but it’s still so tiny and faint i have to concentrate to make sure that’s really what i’m feeling. it was really like faint butterflies, but it’s still definitely different from my … ummmm … digestive processes. there’s a noticeable distinction. it makes me smile, knowing the baby’s in there wiggling (even if it’s in protest to my dinner).

i will admit to being a little nervous about the bigger movements i’ll be feeling along the way—the kicks and the squirming. that still makes me a little queasy when i think about it, but everyone tells me it’s just as awesome. usually, i smile and nod and pretend to believe them while i cringe inside, but i think somewhere in the back of my mind … i’m a little excited. i’m anxious to feel more, just … slowly.


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