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your heart and mine

Thursday, September 24, 2009


today hubby and i got to hear our baby’s heart beat. being small (about the size of my fist), the baby’s heart beat so fast. it was a strong 145 bpm … once it decided to stop wiggling so the doppler could pick up the tiny sounds over the whirling of the amniotic fluid and my own body. unfortunately, we didn’t have anything to record it with, but i promise it was the most amazing little sound i’ve heard my whole life. a seemingly long hour of rather listless waiting in the office was totally worth the ten minutes in the doctor’s room to hear the sound of something new, living, and growing inside, something new that’s as much a part of hubby and me as it is a part of God’s plan.

as a comparison, my resting heart rate is only about 65-72 bpm, which means that for now, my baby’s heart beats twice as fast as my own. a great blue whale’s resting heart rate is only 7 bpm, while a hummingbird’s average heart rate is 1260 bpm. our dog’s heart beats somewhere between 100-120 bpm when at rest, which is really what he’s doing most of the day anyway, whether it be on the bed or in the sunshine or whatever. my own heart is about the size of my fist as well … so, for a few more days, our baby and my heart are the same size, but only literally. figuratively, some things are, of course, much much bigger than my heart will ever be.

it’s pretty crazy to think that all of our baby’s main body systems are already in place and developing, from the four chambers of the heart, to the nervous and skeletal systems, down to the hair and fingernails. everything is there, growing and changing each week into something bigger and more recognizable as the baby that will be born in six month’s time.

according to our progress, my due date is somewhere between 3/19-3/23, 2010. the doctor went ahead and wrote down 3/22. we’ll see just how accurate the little one is when that time rolls around.


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