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brown baggin’ with soup

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

9-23: all that and a bowl of soup

9-23: all that and a bowl of soup

the exxon station up the street from the office is really quite an awesome place. the ladies who work the small deli section of sorts are always happy, sometimes singing, and friendly every time. it’s really nice to have people greet you with actual service when you show up to order food, especially at a gas station. who’d have thought? yeah, so, i really love their chicken salad. that’s my sandwich on toasted wheat with lettuce, tomato, and swiss cheese. then there’s that delicious-looking bowl of potato soup. it was really good; i couldn’t resist giving it a try. lastly, i brought the last of the baby carrots and cucumber from home.

also, i’d just like to say i’m pretty convinced i’ve felt the baby move once or twice. i know it’s early (mid-week 14), i know this my first child, and i’m very aware that i’m not “small framed.” however, i also am very aware of what gas feels like considering i’ve spent this first leg of my pregnancy journey constipated and bloated often. what i’ve felt, on occasion, is much more in the uterine area and is very much like the fluttering described in the pregnancy book. supposedly, i shouldn’t be even thinking about feeling the baby until 16-20 weeks, but, i think, i really think, i have. maybe. i mean, it still could be gas … but certainly not muscle spasms. i think it’s the sprout, and that makes me happy.

tomorrow’s our next doctor’s appointment and so much of me wants to convince hubby that we should totally cough up the cash for another ultrasound. gosh, i want to see the little thing again so bad, but it’s awfully expensive for such a satisfying-but-short-lived peek. hopefully, we’ll at least get to hear the heartbeat. that’ll be pretty awesome. i’m excited.

the next ultrasound is somewhere around 18-20 weeks where the doctor will expect to search out our baby’s gender. however, we don’t want to know. we want to be surprised. that means we get to tell him to turn the screen away while he goes for the mini nether-regions. all of that is, of course, no biggie as long as he doesn’t let out a slip of the tongue about the gender after that in conversation.

that would be sad.

it’s rather amusing the mixed reactions to our decision to not know the gender of our sprog. some people don’t even realize you can’t even tell the gender until later in pregnancy, but still. it’s the people who are shocked we want the surprise that make me giggle a little. why not? life on this side of heaven is such an adventure anyway, i think it’ll be fun to find out after all that labor and pushing just who our little one is going to be in our lives. of course, it means we’ve gotta pick out two names—one for each gender.

we should really get on that. we have a list, but the girls’ side is lacking a little. i’ve been advised that ultimately we should keep our name choices to ourselves, lest the opinions of others stray us from our intentions. naming is a strangely difficult, time-consuming process that for hubby and i involves avoiding the top 10 list and the weird spellings and the awkward anagrams of initials. we’ve got six more months to go, at least. hopefully it won’t take that long to come up with our two choices for the big birth day.


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