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irresponsibly photographed lunch

Monday, September 21, 2009

9-21, irresponsible photography

9-21, irresponsible photography

so, honestly, i was so hungry today that i totally settled down to eat my lunch without even thinking about taking a picture when it was pristine and unconsumed. sorry today’s lunch is just not as pretty as usual. it was still tasty: peanut butter and banana sandwich, veggies, and some fat free ranch dressing. nothing fancy, but i did realize i’m unfortunately out of office snacks. i should remedy that before i start chewing on my desk or nibbling on post-it notes by 3 this afternoon. it might happen; i’m pregnant and always hungry!

i do want to save room for dinner, however. tonight after band practice some folks are coming over to eat pulled-pork BBQ from my crockpot and watch the season premiere of House. i’m excited. it should be fun, and i sure do love tasty BBQ. (then again, at this point in my life as a woman with child, i love anything tasty. i may not know that i want to eat it because of that stupid food apathy that’s been haunting me since conception, but once i do eat something, it always seems to taste good.)

other than that, work is busy and i’m going to try to stay sane today with all the things that are on my list to do. whee.


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