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13 weeks

Friday, September 18, 2009

13 weeks

well, the first trimester has come and gone—here i am in week 13 already. i’ll admit that some of it has gone by fast and some of it has gone by very slow (especially the parts when i was sleepy or carsick). i’m ready to stop being so sleepy all the time; i’m over having trouble waking up, having to take naps every day, and just being plain tired. the weather shifting from bright summer mornings to the somewhat shorter days of fall is difficult for me; the gloomy transition of rain before the crisp autumn is always a challenge for my sleep schedule. so, even if i might be getting my energy back, the change of seasons is stealing it again. it’s hard work being motivated to do anything when you just want to go back to bed!

then again, i can’t entirely complain … pregnancy has been so mild for me compared to some of my friends who are also pregnant. i haven’t had a lick of morning sickness, though i get car sick easily now and i’ll have a bout of nausea in the evenings on occasion. things have been good for me in that department, that’s for sure.

i wouldn’t mind some of this food apathy abating. i hate it when all i do around dinner time is stand in my kitchen and suffer from anxiety. i’ve cried once or twice, on the verge of  hunger but unable to think of anything i could possibly want to cook, let alone eat. it’s really crazy, and perhaps one of the things that has made me miserable more than once during the first trimester. i feel so guilty going out to eat because i can’t function in my own kitchen—making meals before i was pregnant was always hard enough for me … now, it’s like some crazy impossibility that’s only occasionally solved by some whim of divine inspiration. i mean, i’ve cooked some nights. hubby’s cooked others. but, ultimately, we’ve spent a lot of time eating out. (and, most of the time, i’ve done my best to make “good choices” about what i’m eating when we are out … most of the time. heehee.)

so, yeah, besides the new bra size, the lack of being able to button my jeans, a bit of wishing i was less bloated, and a whole lot of sleepy apathy, the first trimester was a good one.

i’m excited already about the second. i’ll finally have a real baby bump instead of just pudge. i’ll soon be able to feel our baby move (which, i’ll admit, will definitely creep me out before it becomes remotely cool). we’ll eventually reach the half-way point … and then it’ll be the third trimester.

amazing! six more months to go!


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