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welcome to the second leg of this journey we’re on, you and me

Monday, September 14, 2009

well, according to the mayo clinic, this is what i have to look forward to in this new trimester. a few of them i totally have begun to notice.

• i’ve already gone and purchased new bras, but according to this article, i’ll probably get to go out and go shopping again. oh boy. what am i going to do with all that? i have no idea. it’s kind of nice they’ve stopped being so sore all the time, but, still … bigger? really?

• i’ve definitely noticed some skin changes, but in a good way. my face has cleared up a lot and i’m not struggling with the kind of dry skin i usually do around the change of the season.

• apparently, i’ve started snoring. not too loud, says the hubby, but it’s definitely noticeable now. i haven’t woke myself up yet, but i can feel the affects of snoring when i wake up in the morning with a sore throat.  i think part of it is as the article describes, but part of it is also how uncomfortable it is to sleep on my sides for long periods of time and i usually end up on my back.

• i should give the article’s advice a go and try a softer toothbrush. i was wondering why there was some bleeding—i’m certainly not slacking on my brushing.

• i do get leg cramps, usually depending on what side i sleep on or if i sit in a position for too long. my lower back aches already, too, depending on how i sit.

other than that, things are good so far. i think i’m a lot more excited than i have been. realizing that three months are already behind me with only six more left to go has been really surprising and encouraging. wow. that’s not a long time at all and i know it’s going to go by fast.


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