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another lunch of leftovers

Monday, September 14, 2009

9/14 homemade leftovers

9/14 homemade leftovers

today’s lunch is brought to you via my crockpot—it’s yummy leftover chili that i let cook saturday while hubby and i cleaned our old apartment so new people could move in. chili isn’t really complete without cheese, fritos, and a bit of sour cream. it really isn’t. luckily, i had a bit of that all leftover, too. i was good and also brought some veggies.

although, i ate kind of early, so i’ll probably be hungry again soon enough.

i’m officially out of the first trimester. this second one has been promised to restore my energy, rejuvenate my skin, and require me to finally go shopping for maternity clothes. two outta three ain’t bad, i suppose, although i think that once i finally start showing more baby and less bloat, there’ll be something to be excited about. that’s how it feels, anyway.

i will admit i’m impatient for another ultrasound, but i won’t get the next one until 20 weeks. granted, we’ll have to tell the doctor not to go showing us the gender or letting it slip in his words, but it still seems so far away. we could cough up the $170 for another ultrasound any time we wanted, but that’s a bit of cash … part of me wants to see the little one again, to make sure it’s still there, to watch it wiggle a little, and to just have this whole experience feel less surreal than it still does on occasion. luckily, the practical part of me also doesn’t want to go spending money we should be hanging onto for when the baby arrives on another image i can see in more weeks.

oh, the dilemma!

i can be patient. i know it’s still in there, and i’m just so excited.


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