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12 weeks

Friday, September 11, 2009

12 weeks

well, it’s almost time to say farewell to the first trimester and welcome in the second. honestly, i’m thrilled. it means i’ve got a whole three months of pregnancy under my belt (literally and figuratively, yes, i know), and it means i’ve only got six months to go. the story i’ve been told is that for my second trimester, i should have more energy, my hair and skin should be awesome, and everything should be wonderful. i don’t know if i’ll hold my breath for that much amazing goodness at once, but i’d certainly not complain if i got my energy back … i wouldn’t mind some of this food apathy going away so i can plan meals like a sane person, either. we’ve eaten out way too much this trimester. i swear. it’s all my fault, too. (or, really, i could blame the sprout.)

i can still wear normal pants, with the help of that lovely bella band. i know that by the end of this next trimester, i’ll have been maternity clothes shopping. i won’t be wearing what’s in my closet for much longer, i suppose. not most of it, anyway. it should be interesting. i’m kind of excited about having something worthwhile to show off in terms of a baby belly instead of all the bloat i’ve had to deal with this trimester.

four to six more weeks before i can feel the little one move! it’s creepy and awesome at the same time, i’ll admit.

Oh, baby, this is your father.

speaking of awesome, hubby was rather excited himself this morning. i think he’s ready for me to start enjoying this whole pregnancy thing more than i have been, too. being tired, uncomfortable, and riding out the emotional roller coaster of my hormones have probably taken their toll on my amazing man. he could most likely use a three month break in the madness before the third trimester sets in and his wife is back to being uncomfortable, tired, and whining.

he’ll be such a fantastic dad.

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