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typography tuesday: my favorite font sites

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i have two favorite free font sites that i simply can’t keep from sharing with everyone, especially since one has another very useful sub-section.

myfonts dot com is an excellent resource for both free and costly fonts, with a great search engine and a very nice newsletter (should you choose to sign up for those things). their subsite,, allows you to post a picture of a troublesome logo or piece of type and get very quick (very!) responses from other readers on what font that image could possibly contain. believe me, i’ve used it once for a client’s logo. it was very helpful.


another site i enjoy is, which is exclusively full of free fonts. the majority of them are high quality and i’ve found more than several of them useful in certain projects. their search engine is also great and they divide fonts into categories (some of them overlap, however). it’s another site i frequent when i’m looking for something new.

i recommend these sites for free fonts, though i suppose the warning is that it helps to read the user agreement before using some of these fonts on projects. purchasing a font is sometimes necessary for what i do as a designer, but that doesn’t mean that free fonts can’t be used professionally ever. they totally can, as long as you know what you’re doing.

some additional resources include:

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