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finger food and not-so-random thoughts

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

9/1 finger food

9/1 finger food

lunch today is a mixed breed of half leftovers, half vegetable medley with light ranch dressing. all of it, even the sushi, is totally finger food. although, it’s still kind of messy.

while i’m at work, being busy and enjoying my lunch, my poor hubby is at home possibly sick with a cold and trying to desperately make some semblance of order in our spare room (the office/nursery/music room). he’s been so awesome (i hope he knows that), lugging heavy stuff around all week last week and last weekend, putting stuff together, and generally being mr. man for our move to the townhouse. i’m sure somewhere in the back of his mind, he wonders how much more he’ll have to be mr. man as i get more and more pregnant. he really has already done a great job, and i hope he doesn’t end up daunted by the tasks that loom ahead, from labor to birth to raising a child in our home.

he’ll be just as awesome at that as he is at putting bookshelves together and making our little honda fit carry half our bedroom in one trip. i know it, and i hope he does, too.

i often worry i’m not encouraging enough or not supportive enough. i suppose my sense of failure comes from the insecurities i carry around myself, or at least that i often don’t know exactly what to say. it doesn’t mean i’m not appreciative or don’t want to be supportive … it just means i often trip myself up before i even get to the important parts.

it’s a weakness of mine that i know God’s working on, but i’m forever impatient.

p.s. i’m so in love with this cooler weather, even if the shift might have been to blame for my migraine. i love fall and i look forward to it’s arrival. fall is definitely my favorite season! it’s an excuse to make chili and curry, to wear jackets, and to watch the leaves change color.


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