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comfort food

Monday, August 31, 2009

8/31, comfort food

8/31, comfort food

mmmmsushi. don’t worry, it’s all either cooked (eel) or veggie. fish is allowed in limited amounts, after all. besides … i don’t think that eels are top predators, consuming large numbers of helpless, mercury-filled lesser fish on a daily basis. compared to sharks and marlins, i have a feeling eels are a little bit safer on the aquatic food chain.

yesterday, i had my first migraine since i’ve been pregnant. it was rough because i couldn’t take anything. i went through the whole gamut of my usual symptoms—aura to numbness, numbness to throbbing pain. no, it’s not a stroke; it’s just my migraine symptoms. i’ve been suffering from migraines since college, possibly high school (i honestly don’t remember getting them in high school, but mom says i did miss school because of them). my symptoms have always been the same, and they tend to freak people out when i describe them (the numbness in my left hand and the left side of my face that happens after my aura fades and before the throbbing pain in the right side of my head begins).

i’ve read that numbness is uncommon, but it’s still a symptom. the best cure for me is always sleep, especially if i can fall asleep before i start throwing up. so far, i haven’t found medication that works 100% of the time.

maybe once the baby is born, i can suck it up and finally find a specialist.

i blame exhaustion from the move and a weekend of not sleeping well (hello relaxin. while you’re busy encouraging my body to loosen up my hip bones, could you lay off my aching lower back? plzkthnxbai). i may have been a little dehydrated from the heat, too. however, i’m confident the main trigger for my migraine was the shift in pressure from weather in the high 80s and 90s to weather in the 70s. that kind of drop of temperature signals high pressure, which smacks me with almost a guaranteed migraine every time. it’s worse in the winter, but, any major shift in weather is always doom for my poor brain.

i’ll admit, i was secretly hoping being pregnant would stave off migraines. i guess not. usually, my migraines main trigger is hormonal—that shift from estrogen to progesterone when i ovulate. from tracking my temperatures for the last three years (before i was pregnant to avoid pregnancy and conceive), i’ve come to know the nature of my migraines pretty well. however, now that i’m all progesterone all the time, i didn’t think i’d be subject to migraines as often, if at all. oh well. as long as they’re less common, i think i can survive.


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