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leftovers, japanese style

Friday, August 28, 2009

8-28, working lunch

8-28, working lunch

today’s lunch at my desk while hubby is moving our apartment was leftover katsudon (panko-coated pork, onions, egg, and sauce), rice, avacado with soy sauce and wasabi, and the last of the raspberries. so yummy. there’s a v8 there for later … mmmdrinkable veggies!

according to my hubby, everything big and difficult to move has already been moved into our new townhouse in Forest. nothing got too rained on, and they even managed to go pick up the futon! there’s a bunch of little things like dishes and stuff that still need moved, but we’re supposed to get some help from our neighbors and a few friends tomorrow … so, i’m not in that much of a rush to move all of that. the more help we have, the faster it’ll go, anyway. at least we’re just moving up the street—that means less crazy unpacking. i don’t think we really packed much at all, anyway. just threw some things in boxes, unloaded, and re-used the boxes. whee!

now, we just need someone to take our big blue couch and two bookshelves … otherwise, they’re going to Goodwill.

p.s. for those of you who want to know what kind of container i’m using for my lunch, you can find it here.


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