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sometimes, you just gotta clear your slate

Thursday, August 27, 2009


i’ve been working on the same furniture site for most of the week, give or take a break for some mad photoshoppin’ and other such quick projects. it can be a little brain-numbing at times, taking large photos and making them small for the web, then saving them with their product numbers. once you get past the first few and your list starts growing into the upper double-digits of furniture pieces, it gets a little daunting and time-consuming.

sometimes, when everything feels cluttered, it’s nice to just clear off my desktop and look at whatever image i’ve chosen to be underneath. i forgot i chose this nice beach. it’s so pretty. i could go for a walk on the beach about now …

although, my back is hurting (already, you ask? yes!) and my hips are kind of achy. i’ve moved on from the aching, tender chest into a more constant aching lower back. while these past ten weeks of pain have produced a need for a larger cup size (the world is a better place when your bra fits, let me tell you), i seriously doubt the back pain is going to produce anything but back pain until labor.

still, that’s something … right? right.

labor. i don’t want to think about that yet. i’m still on the fence about a few things (go granola natural or go for the awesome epidural?), but after seeing the little bean wiggle around yesterday, i’m so excited for the rest of the 29 weeks i have. (only 29? wow!)

p.s. 日本がお久しぶりと寂しいね。帰りたいな〜。


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