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oh, baby!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

well, it’s official. i’m definitely pregnant now—not to say i wasn’t official before, because i was … just … photographic evidence makes everything feel very, very, very real. it’s one thing to imagine you’re pregnant and it’s another thing to see the little baby wiggling around on the video screen at the doctor’s. that’s for sure.

hubby and i just went to my 10 week appointment and had our first ultrasound. the bean was really wiggly, moving around and waving its arms and legs. once it settled a little, it turned to face forward and we got this great shot:

oh, baby

the head is near the bottom, facing the “camera.” the jaw shows up as bright white. the little fists are under its chin, then the belly, and finally the little feet. it’s about 41.5mm from crown to rump, which is a good size! it was really wiggly at first, waving its arms and legs as if it wanted to say hi. i didn’t realise that it would move around so much already, but it totally did! we got to watch the chambers of its little heart beat separately. so fast.

it was pretty darn awesome. (that’s an understatement.)

according to hubby, we have a ham already. heehee. it’s still “the bean” to me, though.

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  1. Wednesday, August 26, 2009 1:33 pm

    Tif that’s so great!! Congrats 🙂 I can’t see many details but…it’s a baby! *thumbs up*

    When I was a kid I called my kid sister “coconut” when my mom was pregnant with her.. hehe.

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