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photoshop and food

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i’ve been photoshopping some images for a client today—editing out people and powerlines, creating glare, and replacing background images. it’s fun, but sometimes a challenge. i also ate lunch at my desk again today, since hubby is helping our landlord with some other properties around where we’ll be moving to.


here’s an example of what i’ve been working on. no, i have no idea what that girl is holding. is it a ball of kelp? a plant? an alien head? your guess is as good as mine, reallly. she seems pretty content with the mysterious object, however.

8-25, working lunch

8-25, working lunch

8-25, working lunch

8-25, working lunch

that was my snack and lunch today. before lunch, i had baby carrots and fresh cucumber from a friend’s garden. i’m usually not one for dipping, but i brought along some fat free ranch anyway. for lunch, i had leftover red thai curry with new potatoes, zucchini and yellow squash, onion, and chicken. the white rice was the last of my japanese rice; i’ll have to buy more before i make the katsudon i want to make this week. i also had cottage cheese; my curry was hot but not as spicy as i’d hoped.

i’ll probably eat a kiwi later.

that’s my lovely wacom intuos 3 in those photos. my favorite photo of hubby and i is also in the background—the black and white photo of our feet. i took it in colorado when i went to see my japanese friend Michiko get married. my hoops bobble head is solar-powered and oh so cute.

believe it or not, that’s the kind of sunlight i get in my office on days it’s not raining. it’s really great. i love my desk.


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