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nine weeks

Friday, August 21, 2009


not much to see here. i’ve gained a few pounds around the middle, but i can’t quite say i’m “showing.” my uterus, at this point, is only the size of a grapefruit, and the little fetus inside is about the size of a large raspberry … so, with that in mind, there’s not much to take up space inside.

according to my doctor’s visit on wednesday, i’ve gained about 5 pounds, maybe 6. i’m not sure; it could be more. i … um … don’t weigh myself (on purpose). i don’t like to look at scales.

also, that yellow is pretty awesome, isn’t it? yeah. it’s a great color. and that skirt from the gap is currently my favorite item in my wardrobe—it’s got enough stretchy room from all the smocking that it might just last me my entire pregnancy. it’s also got pockets, which i’m a huge sucker for in skirts. i haven’t worn my jeans in several weeks … mostly because they’re a little snug.

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