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that first visitation

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

five vials of blood. one cup of pee. a long talk behind closed doors. a pile of books and brochures and fliers of information i’ll probably never read entirely. that was my first ob/gyn visit of my pregnancy, and it was good (except for the blood part; i hate needles).

there are some parts of my family history genetically speaking that aren’t the most encouraging. there’s cancer (mostly on hubby’s side); bipolar-disorder/dementia (mom and grandma on my side); and a smattering of other things that are distant and not necessarily an issue. still, none of them make living or bringing new life into this world impossible or even very dangerous. mostly.

i’m still excited and still willing to trust in a God who is faithful and wise, even when humans can be doubting and foolish.

seven more days until my first ultrasound. i’m so ready now … it’s so hard to wait.

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