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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

apparently, if i don’t include images in my blog posts, nobody reads them. well, here you go. no, it’s not my eggplant, it’s a lovely crochet vegetable from seventytwostitches on etsy. i love it. i want one. actually, there’s several of her pieces i think would be great … for babies.

speaking of babies, i’m now 9 weeks along (which means the bean is 7 weeks-ish). i think it’s time for a few new bras at this point, seeing as all of that pain and sleepless discomfort has apparently produced something of a growth up top that i can finally notice. like, really notice. then again, i’ve put on a little all around, but i must say i can tell you where almost half of it is … if you asked.

speaking of asking, we’re looking for someone in Lynchburg who wants our apartment. we’ve decided to take our pastor-and-landlord’s offer of moving to one of his townhouses in Forest. we’ll have a dishwasher (i hear if you put dirty dishes in there and turn it on, they come out clean), and we’ll have our own washer and dryer (instead of sharing a coin-operated one with 3 other apartments). we’ll even have an upstairs and half an extra bath. we lose some closet space and the most awesome downstairs neighbors ever, but i think as we project forward nine months or so, it’s really a good decision for us to move now and get settled before i become a beached whale of pregnant expectancy.

that’s just my opinion, anyway. at least i’m still motivated to clean, pack, and possibly even discard things i don’t use/wear/need anymore. it’s best to take advantage of my nesting motivation while it lasts.

well, that’s all for now. maybe, if you’re good, i’ll start including my own photos instead.


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